According to Scriptures man was created in the image of God. Allah created earth and everything on it and around it. Instead of being thankful for what man received from their Creator, they doubted His authority and wanted to have as much knowledge and power like He has. Therefore they ate from the Tree of Knowledge and got to know good and evil. But once they knew what was good and what was bad they also had to come to feel what is good and what is bad. That way suffering and death came over them.

For centuries man struggled to find a good way of living without sorrows and without pain. But mankind did not succeed to come to such a peaceful world like the one the first human beings lived in. The Garden of Eden or the Earthly Paradise seems something very difficult to get back. Though man has to know there is the promise of God which gives an opportunity for mankind to come back in a state of peaceful mind.

Children during the trick-or-treat trip in Virginia (USA)

Today lots of people still fight against the call of God and have a struggle to find their way of living. They struggle to live at ease in a peaceful environment. Their surroundings regularly call onto them to be of this world. The majority of people prefer to have their own gods and idols and to enjoy all sorts of man-made festivals, like the heathen festivals of Shamain, Halloween, a.o..

In Autumn time they love to remind themselves, as if they want to hurt themselves, to death. For several days they love to dress themselves in skeletons and witches, calling onto death spirits. It is as if they want to do their utmost best to please the dead and to comfort themselves with the idea that in case they would die the dead would not hurt them.

Instead of counting unto Allah, they prefer to listen to the many human beings who want to make their head running mad on all sorts of mysterious stories. Loving such thrillers and spooky stories they prefer to keep to those pagan festivals celebrating death and the dead.

It is these days when the leaves are changing colour and people are reminded to the cycle of life, that we can come to see the inner soul of man. It is in this period that mankind shows it true connection, either with God or with man and the world. We can see that the majority of people wants to keep to several gods and several spirits, instead of believing in the Only One True God, Who is an eternal all-knowing Spirit.

For most people it is not appropriate to put their life in the hands of only One God. We also can find a lot of people in the religious world who do not want to put their life in the Hand of One God, they can not compare to. Therefore, they have made a man of flesh and blood into their god. They do not bother that that man from Nazareth did not know everything, because that makes him more like them. And for sure, they prefer to be like their god, some even giving other people, they call saints, or calling ‘the mother of God‘ (as if God would have a mother!?!), such a high status, like they are gods too. Leaning onto them looks much safer for them than trusting that God of that Nazarene master preacher. They even ignore the words of that rabbi and his heavenly Father. Closing their ears for the Words in the Bible, so that they can live in their own created world of their Christendom.

Many refuse to hear the Words of the Most High and do not want to know that the Divine Creator requested or better said even commanded to direct worship toward His as the Only One True God. To help people to be in line with His Wishes He gave them rules or commandments, of which the focus of the ‘Second Commandment’ is to elaborate further on how man’s worship must not be done. The majority of people forget that therefore these two commandments are intrinsically bound together. Those commandments of God tell about action but also about intention, so they are about what goes into the heart and mind. God demanded nobody to worship any image or idol that they have made. Though throughout history we can see that man always has made himself many gods and idols and at times even went so far to bring offerings to these gods.

Man prefers to believe in things and people they can see and touch. That is one of his problems, preferring to stick to his own illusions. Mostly being pleased to hear what other human beings tell them, instead of believing the words of the Bible. The majority of those who call themselves Christian twist the words of the bible in such a way that it suits their human philosophy and imaginary thoughts of afterlives and reincarnations etc..

When looking at the way how man treats the Bible or the many philosophical works and so called theological works, we can only wonder how much man wants to believe the Words of the Bible which we would consider the Words of God?

Worse is to see how man prefers to be dependent on what human beings tell them, instead of going on the words given in the Holy Scriptures. In many cases it looks easier to depend on human sayings then on Biblical sayings.



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12 thoughts on “How much does man wants to be dependent on a Divine Creator?

  1. Thank you for sharing! I really dont know much about Islam as I would like to, but I am willing to learn as I see we all see God very similarly; I think we just have to somehow find the balance in our thoughts. Biggest thing we need to do is cling to our common bond, which is love God, and love each other the same. Thank you friend 🌸


    1. Salam Aleikum,
      All people are created in the image of God and should all come to recognize their Creator Who is Only One eternal all-knowing invisible Spirit God, Who does not exist out of two or three. Religions are just one helpful way to come to know and serve that God. Each individual receives the opportunity to hear the Call of God, and has the own responsibility to reply to it. He or she may choose for different ways than an other person, but in the end they all should be elements (the Scriptures talks about parts or organs) of the same body, which is the Body of Christ. Together they should come to unite, and be one in Christ as he is like we should be, one in God.

      Allah, the Most High God has His arms open to receive each individual who is willing to come under Him, willing to accept Him as the Most High Master, Maker and Sustainer of all things.
      As you correctly notice is that all human beings should cling to their common bond, which is to love God and love and respect all His creation, never doing something to an other what one would not like to be done to oneself.

      That the blessings of the Most High, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah, may come over you.

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