This is an unofficial, fan made map which repr...
This is an unofficial, fan made map which represents planets and routes of the fictional galaxy from the Star Wars universe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are those who believe in Some One Who created everything, whilst others say there does not exist a god or God Who created the universe. The atheists are convinced there was the black hole and many believe there was a big bang, though than we may ask how that big bang came into being by what.

Atheists often say they do not believe. But when hearing them I only can establish they believe lots of things, the same as other believers do believe lots of things. Often they believe even more weird things than Christians, concerning the beginning of everything.

They believe that not only did whole planets appear spontaneously, but also believe that the fact that these planets do not collide as meteors do, that they have gravity, that they contain the proper atmospheric conditions for life to take hold and contain sustenance to sustain this life all happened by mere fluke.

The metric expansion of space. The inflationar...
The metric expansion of space. The inflationary epoch is the expansion of the metric tensor at left. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When all the planets somehow came into being by gasses and chemical constructions and reactions, forming themselves, we still wonder how it is possible that they keep so orderly arranged or that we do not see more chaotic situations all those planets piling up?

How can those many planets, stars and suns stay in what looks like a perfect orbit, though it is said they also possess gravity. Many scientists also take it for granted that all the chemicals needed for life were also there, but why and how did certain creatures come to be known in certain periods of time?

Probably no one can ever give a good reason to tell why we have billions of species, each with a male and female of each kind so that they could exist in the long run. And when we look at all those beings, what made those elements as organs in them to be part of them, making them essential for their being?

Atheists do claim that all those animals just came to be like they were evolved. But what made that evolution and how did it come in such form?

Illustration of the expansion of the Universe ...
Illustration of the expansion of the Universe after the Big bang. In Bulgarian. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How can finite matter (original matter, which was clearly finite) create a universe that is greater than itself? How can there come something into being that we now call gravity, orbits, chemical atmospheres? When such material was there how did life come into some of that material to come to crawl and breath and even come to make audible sounds?

From that material did there come some magic and extreme powerful being that became conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions?

When we look at that supernatural being, who is worshipped as the controller of some part of the universe or some aspect of life in the world or is the personification of some force, who is he or she or it, and who can we know it, he or she is there?

For those who believe in mere evolution can they answer the fact of the beginning? Or is that also for them to be considered, like in so many religions, a dogma?

Have the laws of thermodynamics not proven that neither energy nor matter can be destroyed. We can see that one can convert one form into another, but not even one man has been able to create nor destroy either.

Everything that mankind has ever learned, tested, proved, designed or theorized can not explain the great mystery of how everything came into being. Not one person has given a good explanation how time ever could have begun, except that what we consider time is our perception from what we see around us, changing light and rotation of planets, but how did those planets came in such rotation to give us the idea of time?

Not one person has given a good answer on the question

What would have existed before time?

If time is travelling backwards and forwards, then at what point did it begin?

So, when looking at what is around and wondering how it all came into being, we can not get around the question if there was something or Some One Who caused everything to be and to go like we know it now to have evolved.

Those who say

There are innumerable proofs of God’s existence.

and continue

Science is one of them.

do they not forget that science was something created by man’s thoughts?

We may have lots of incredible thoughts, but why should thy proof that there is a God or Divine Creator Who holds it all in control?

Believers in God bring up

Just as spectacular is the tiny world under the scrutiny of a microscope, manifesting the incredible knowledge, care and frightening power of our Creator. DNA is further evidence of God’s divine handiwork.

Charles Thomson Rees Wilson
Charles Thomson Rees Wilson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the atheist I would then ask, where did DNA come from or how such a complicated system became a living reality and still continues to evolve?

Or does there exist something or some one Who Caused everything to be, and Who we can call The God?


Preceding: 2nd question: What or where is the beginning

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: 3e vraag: Bestaat er een Goddelijke Schepper


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32 thoughts on “3rd question: Does there exist a Divine Creator

  1. If you read Thomas Aquinas, then God is defined as “existing”, “the essence of being”, a verb and not a noun. “Being” the potential to exist was present from the being. Science tells us how we got here while religion answers why. Religion layers meaning and love within a material universe. Check out the Vatican Observatory Foundation. Brother Guy Consolmagno explains it better than I do.


    1. Thank you very much for your reply.

      When we believe Thomas Aquinas who would have written that God is defined as the essence of being, than each person who is is a being and as such also god!

      You also say religion layers meaning and love within material universe though many use religion on false pretences to hold war.

      You also refer to the Vatican Observatory Foundation, where they honour three gods, so for them there where already from the start three gods, which is clear polytheism, though those Catholics consider themselves a monotheist religion.

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  2. I believe in God. In terms of experience I’m a born-again Christian from Mississippi. But philosophically perhaps it’s more valid to raise questions (as you do) than to provide answers – that is, it’s more valid to try to respond to God than to describe God. Who am I to describe God?

    Our language – English or Flemish – uses 1st person viewpoint or “I”, 2nd person or “you”, 3rd person or “he, she, it.” Do we find God in the first, second, or third person? The Name of God given to Moses was “I am what I am.” Try quoting that as the name of God, who may just be inside of you. Regarding God in the second person, we pray to Thou, and Jesus came to provide relationship as between me and you. Yet somehow we fall back to trying to describe God in third person as “He/She.” Maybe it’s best to say that this is the basis of the Trinity.

    Thank you for your blog.


    1. Dear John Guyton, of whom I shall quote some article in the “4th Question: Who or What is God”, thank you very much for your much appreciated reaction.

      I also think it is nearly an impossible task to describe God. He has so many attributes it would requires lots of pages and by our limited mind we would never be able to give full honour to that Divine Creator.

      Looking at your reply, it is nice to notice you are willing to come out for your faith group and do want to take up one of the tasks Jesus gave his followers, namely preaching the gospel, or telling the world about the Good News. A work not enough Christians do.

      But when your god is the basis of a Trinity he is like so many other trinitarian gods, whilst those worshippers are called polytheists. Did those worshippers of three-headed gods in Indian, Japanese, North American Red Indian cultures, African cultures have an other name for the same threeheaded god of yours or why would they be different thatn those Christians with that tri-une god, whilst they are also claiming their gods to be one and the same, but having differnt personalities or incarnations to fulfil the task of that deity element.

      When looking at the Holy Scriptures where the “I am what I am.” tells Moses Who He is and what Moses has to tell the people, that God clearly declares there is only One True God Who is One and not three or more. so why is it that so many christians who claim to be monotheists bow down in front of statues and paintings (which is an abomination in the eyes of that “I am what I am.”) representing three gods: a god the Father, a god the son and a god the Holy Spirit?


  3. The first thing to say is that the existence of God is different from the existence of, say, trees or chairs. The existence of a tree is usually so obvious that you don’t need to present arguments — almost nobody would dispute the existence of tree that was right in front of them. God is clearly different from trees in that we cannot perceive him directly. So we may never have the same surety about the existence of God that we might have about the existence of trees or chairs. But that doesn’t mean we cannot reach a firm conclusion about whether God exists or not.

    There are numerous arguments proposed in favour of the existence of God, too many to go through here, so I will present a brief summary of the main ideas:

    1) The Cosmological Argument

    Everything that has a beginning as a cause. So, ultimately, there has to be a First Cause, that had no beginning (i.e. is eternal) and is able to cause everything else. This First Cause couldn’t be matter because matter is inanimate — you need something else to move it. The First Cause could a Mind, because minds can organise and arrange matter. We call that Mind “God”.

    2) Design Arguments

    Things that appear to be designed are usually designed. There are some exceptions, for instance if there is some organising principle (i.e. rain flowing down a pipe will only flow in one direction due to the limitations of the pipe), however even in these circumstances you have to ask where did that organising principle come from. Design requires a Designer. We call that Designer “God”.

    3) Goodness, Beauty, Truth

    Concepts like goodness, beauty and truth are things that are very difficult to explain on purely materialistic grounds. There may be an evolutionary advantage in you sometimes doing good things but there is no reason why we should believe some things to be good and others to be bad. Morality is superfluous to the demands of evolution. If beauty is just a way of finding a mate then it has an evolutionary purpose but why then should we consider the music of Mozart or the art of Michelangelo particularly beautiful? (I am not considering mating with either!) And there seems to be no reason for believing that your beliefs are true beliefs if they are the result of random materialistic causes.

    4) Bible, miracles, etc.

    The Bible is an amazing book. It contains prophesies that have come true despite being written hundreds of years before the events. The resurrection of Jesus was an amazing event that has strong historical testimony. These kinds of miracles are ways in which God reveals himself to mankind and powerful confirmation of his existence.

    5) Personal experience.

    A lot of people may start believing in God because of the sort of argument presented above, but will end up believing in God simply because living as a Christian they see God working in their life. As many people look back on their lives they can see providence in things that has happened to them. Now there is no guarantee that everyone will have this kind of experience but it is strong confirmation for those who do.


  4. Even though we can not directly perceive God that is still no reason he would not exist. One would however say that if God really exists, there is evidence for Him. Because every reality can be proven.

    First of all, there are the natural facts around us that show that there is a Creator, Which of Who is responsible for the creation of the Earth. For example, if you look at the dizzying complexity and extreme technical ingenuity of nature, then a fair thinking man gets out to the conclusion that all those miracles point to a great powerful and dazzling Being or Creator God. That is also the conclusion of more and more scientists, if they look with an open mind to the mind-boggling degree of technical ingenuity, which they observe in nature.

    We live in a world that is driven by certain laws of nature which have been drawn up and created by a universal intelligence, and not by coincidence.

    If a new product or a machine, which nobody in the world has ever seen or heard of, is shown at an atheist or anyone else, and there would be presented him the question: “who is the first person that made that matter or who would be able to give details about the technique of this unknown product?” After a little thought, he would reply: “the creator of this product.” Some will say “the producer”, while others will say “the manufacturer”. What answer also this person gives, remember this, the answer will always be: or the designer, the producer, manufacturer or something of the same meaning, in other words, the person who created or designed. Wrestling not with words, what answer he gives, it would have the same meaning, so accept it. Why would the answer to the question who nature has made not be the Designer?

    There matter precisely by its nature has had no eternal past, it must, at some point, have had a start or a beginning! The creation, the existence of things as such, required and requires absolutely a beginning or starting point, which brings us to a or The Creator! That is what made, requires a maker! That what is produced, requires a producer!

    There must be something what the emergence of everything must have caused. There must have been something in the long run that was “non-caused” to cause the existence of everything. That “uncaused” something is God.

    Design in the universe proves the existence of a designer!

    We can see that there is life. The Giver of life has in any living being implanted life instinct and by being part of creation, we can also can have a feeling in our mind, or in our awareness, of that Maker of creation. The Almighty God, the self-existent-life, the one, that has life, that life Is, that before all things was, gave life to the first man and placed in man, in the animals and all the plants, the life cycle that allows them to set themselves according to certain laws to reproduce!

    One would be able to cite 7 evidences for God’s existence

    1. If one hears that atheists and evolutionists say that everything has to be based on existing laws, therefore first there must be laws and one would also be able to argue that there is supposed to be first a legislator.

    2. A provable scientific law, the law of Biogenisis, learns that the living only comes from the living. So there is a Giver of life.

    3. Matter must at one time have come into existence. Suppose uranium in 10 billion years in transitional phases decomposes to lead. As uranium would have existed forever, so much longer than 10 billion years, then there would be today no uranium more to exist. But there is still a lot of uranium.
    By erosion the Earth, without a starting face, would be a flat globe, without mountains and valleys. So there is a beginning of matter and that requires a creator.

    4. All living things are created in their own nature. The man can a such not arise from a strange micro-organism or from a monkey.
    Let the science but try to have the embryo of a fish to become an elephant or to develop into man. There is no development from one species to the other. God maintains these laws.

    5. The perfect order of the universe bears witness to a design, a world that bears witness to design. Life is depending on other live and to die is also according to a complicated design. Everything that exists witnesses of a Plan. There is a designer.

    6. Fulfilled prophecy proves God’s existence.

    7. The biblical faith is not that what people understand what it generally means: faith is God’s proof that he exists.
    Faith is a proof of what we don’t see and that is God Himself.


  5. Francis Bacon, the famous philosopher, has rightly said that a little knowledge of science makes a man an atheist, but a deep study of science makes him a believer in God. Scientists today eliminate models of god, but they eliminate not God himself. If you like this translated to Arabic, is that Laa illaaha ielallaah: there is no god (god with a lowercase g, this is the fake god) than God (with a capital G, the true God).


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