Faith in one or more gods

When we speak about "Faith" (iman) we look at acceptance of the Belief in the existence and oneness of God (Allah).and the existence of the Book of books of which God is the author, existing of five main parts, the Torah (revealed to Moses),,the Psalms (revealed to David).and the Writings of Kings and prophets as well as the Gospel (revealed to Jesus) with the writings of his apostles,


How much does man wants to be dependent on a Divine Creator?

According to Scriptures man was created in the image of God. Allah created earth and everything on it and around it. Instead of being thankful for what man received from their Creator, they doubted His authority and wanted to have as much knowledge and power like He has. Therefore they ate from the Tree of … Continue reading How much does man wants to be dependent on a Divine Creator?

Looking for answers on the question Is there a God #1 Many gods

Billions of people throughout ancient times have looked for and created gods and spirits of al kinds. We can find Sumerian, Canaanite, Aztec, Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Roman, German, Celt and African gods which we can often find back in a counterpart under an other name in an other culture. ... In this article you may find a glimpse of some relationships of those gods and certain religious groups. ... Find out more by reading this article. ...