On November 30, 2016, a first blog post was posted here: First blog post – Eerste blog post

This WordPress account was opened because I wanted to respond to certain articles.
Provided that I still had to set up an account, I might as well ask general questions myself to those who visited the Web to find answers or to get in touch with those who wished to raise controversial thoughts or who wanted to respond to certain events in these world.

In this world there are many who claim to believe in one or more gods. Hereby I wanted to know which deity they chose. But I also wanted to resolve certain misconceptions.

During my visits on the net it was also noticeable that in certain countries, especially in those where English is spoken, certain titles are looked at very short-sighted and there is a lot of confusion between titles and names. For example, many English speakers do not see that Allah is a tittle that only belongs to the only True God, and is therefore a single word that does not even have a plural form. Many English speakers also do not want to accept that title as a synonym for God and even think that it is a different god than God. They also often do not want to assume that in Aramaic, the native language of Jesus, that is the title that Jesus also used in his prayers and speeches.

With a first series of questions I therefore invited those so-called God-lovers to make their god or God known.

Almost three years later, I notice that nobody there wants to go into those questions any further. The many who call themselves Christians or those who call themselves Muslim let me experience a ‘deafening’ silence. Oddly enough!

From now on I am thinking not only to give my reactions to others’ websites, but I will also publish more here in the future and thus not give the impression that I would sit still myself.

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie: Zwijgende Christenen en Zwijgende Moslims


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