3rd question: Does there exist a Divine Creator

In the previous question I looked at a possible 5000 million years of history and know I continue to look at how people theorised about the origin of everything. In this article I wonder who or what caused this all coming into being. ... Continue reading how time ever could have begun and how atheists also belief lots of things like religious people have their believes. ...


2nd question: What or where is the beginning

What and where did life originate? If there was a big bang, what did cause it or how did that come about? In this and the following question I look at the beginning of times and how scientists and other people look at our universe. ... Do not to forget to click on the title to continue reading. ...

The first question: Why do we live

In 1932 the realistic social novel "Mother why do we live?" posed the question that is on so many lips. What is all the use of us being here? When I look around me and notice how political parties came into being I also see how people came to worship certain gods. Start reading about it in this article and continue reading in the following questions and answers.