Faith in one or more gods

When we speak about "Faith" (iman) we look at acceptance of the Belief in the existence and oneness of God (Allah).and the existence of the Book of books of which God is the author, existing of five main parts, the Torah (revealed to Moses),,the Psalms (revealed to David).and the Writings of Kings and prophets as well as the Gospel (revealed to Jesus) with the writings of his apostles,


Looking for answers on the question Is there a God #3 Transcendence or Surpassing other gods and man

Are we willing to see a Omnipotent God Who is above all other god in case He exists? Is mankind willing to face a more intelligent Being than themselves? Most difficult thing to accept for human beings is that this Supreme Being would encompass everything while He is the Most High above everything, being able to be everywhere, to know everything and able to do everything. Most people want to have everything themselves under control and want to command others, not being commanded themselves. Come to know more about modern philosophers like Immanuel Kant their theories and transcendent beings in contrast to immanent beings, by clicking on the title of this article.