How much does man wants to be dependent on a Divine Creator?

According to Scriptures man was created in the image of God. Allah created earth and everything on it and around it. Instead of being thankful for what man received from their Creator, they doubted His authority and wanted to have as much knowledge and power like He has. Therefore they ate from the Tree of … Continue reading How much does man wants to be dependent on a Divine Creator?


Looking for answers on the question Is there a God #4

The Divine Supreme Being Who was from the beginning was a not begotten Creator, Evolver, Bestower of Forms and He is Allah, the One and Only, in whose image man is created and Who has to be looked for by man who took distance from Him. Man with his limited knowledge can find the direct evidence which does not require interpretation, but has also the indirect (or circumstantial) evidence which may require interpretation. Click on the title to find out more about the Omnipotent Creator God, Who as Maker of everything, wants man to come to know and to love Him and provided enough material to come to know Him, a guidebook for getting to the essence of God and the essence of us being here on earth.