If there is life where did it originate?

We notice that we exist, but where does our life come from and what does it actually mean?

Some speak of a 5000 million years of history, but how can we have confidence that their statements are scientifically justified and correct? There are several theories about the origins, which man tries to explain how the sun and the earth were created. There are those who talk about “the big bang” according to many scientists as a 13.8 billion years ago gave rise to our universe.

Front Cover of Jeffrey Augustine's book "What Caused the Big Bang?"But what was there before the Big Bang? What was there before there were stars and planets emerged? And where did those planets and the various creatures or elements arise from and when?

For centuries, people are looking for answers to such questions. And to find the answers they naturally look upwards. To the stars and beyond. For example, with very large telescopes.

Others believe rather that what is described in all ancient scriptures to be taken as the truth. They think that an Omnipotent Supreme Being is responsible. That Eternally Existent Being would have spoken everything into existence. His Breath would have been the matter of life.

What do you think?

How do you look at the beginning of everything?

A phylogenetic tree of living things.
A phylogenetic tree of living things. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dutch version: 2de vraag: Wat of waar is het begin


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18 thoughts on “2nd question: What or where is the beginning

  1. We can see the universe now and can imagine it once being total chaos. either it was always there or it had to come into being, but then you may wonder how. That total beginning had to have a cause many could say. So what sort of thing could have caused the universe to come into being? If it is something that also had a beginning then we would need to find yet another cause to explain how that came into being. However if it is something that is eternal (i.e. has no beginning) then it does not need a cause. Whatever your explanation for the origins of the universe may be, at some point you need some eternal thing, some uncaused thing, to set everything going. that eternal Thing we would call The Primal Eternal God.

    Everything that has a beginning has a cause. And you could say That God was the Cause. He created everything. He was timeless, because time was not a concept when He was already there.

    People speaking about a black hole do not have to be wrong. In the Bible we are told about the darkness and the void. When there was a “nothingness” , there was no time indication, because there was nothing to measure it to, and there were no recognisable elements yet because there was nothing structured yet. At the moment we earnestly do not know how it all really was billions of years ago and everything we guess or know today is measured with the knowledge we builded up by the years.

    Modern scientific views on cosmology suggest that it may not even be meaningful to speak of a time “before” light because not only light but time itself may have commenced at the start of the universe which is currently estimated as 13.7 billion years ago. Perhaps future generations will have a different concept because, like all areas of science, cosmology will certainly be revised as more is discovered. However any such revision cannot overturn overwhelming evidence that the sun and stars are very much older than 6000 years.

    How and when it all began will ever be clear in the future, and is even foretold in the Bible that man will return back to that divine Creator and again will depend entirely on Him, and therefore will have clear knowledge.


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