Does one need evidence?

Does one need proof to come to a certain belief? We can look at the signs in nature and find out what happened to certain people in the past, such as Noah and Paul. With the Book of Books, Allah has provided the world with His Interpretative Word.

In which God will one believe?

One may wonder in which or what kind of god people want to believe. It is striking that many people like to have a certain form of mystery around their deity and therefore do not choose the God Who pours clear wine and sends very reliable Words to earth.

Creation from God

Everything that we see around us is because Allah allows it to be. Allah had a Plan and wants it to become fulfilled and foresaw a certain time for it to be accomplished. Man may think he can control the world and most surely most of the people are deniers of the meeting of their Highest … Continue reading Creation from God


How much does man wants to be dependent on a Divine Creator?

According to Scriptures man was created in the image of God. Allah created earth and everything on it and around it. Instead of being thankful for what man received from their Creator, they doubted His authority and wanted to have as much knowledge and power like He has. Therefore they ate from the Tree of … Continue reading How much does man wants to be dependent on a Divine Creator?