In this world we shall become even more confronted by people, be them politicians or church-leaders who would love to tell us than matters or different than we see it. Many of them will give the lie to make sure they would be more popular and receive more power.

We must know that we shall not be able to escape the unfortunate fact that the world runs on liars and dishonesty, Which has become so commonplace in politics, in business, and in the world in general that it seems downright normal. However, the Bible is clear that lying is wrong and is a sin which is displeasing to Allah. In a way it is showing no respect to the other nor to the divine Creator in Which image we are created.

Allah made it clear that it is not right to bear false witness against your neighbour or to tell lies. (Exodus 20:16) though it looks like man does not want to hear Him or has no interest in being correct and righteous.

A lot of people would not mind harming other people when it can work out for their own good. A lot of dishonesty crept into daily life to feel better and have more enjoyment of life. The greed or want for more brought man not to worry about nature, not being interested in the welfare of animals, but also not interested in what their lifestyle of the moment would do to others in the future.

To make a good place for themselves man went very far bringing over mankind poverty for many, inequality, drugs, pollution, disputes, threats terrorism and wars; to say nothing of climate change and global warming.

You could say man was able to bring the world of the 21st century in a mess. It is a planet in crisis and for many it looks like the human race is heading towards extinction. However the Bible says liars won’t tarry in God His sight, encourage prayer and hope can be referenced in the book of Psalms 101:7.  In a way this might give hope to some, who are willing to live according the commandments of the Most High. The lovers of God do not want to be deceivers and shall try to do their best to be able to dwell in God’s House.

If the Sacred Scriptures says liars won’t even tarry in the sight of God, should that not make us more aware of the necessity to avoid circumstances which could tempt us to twist the truth or to tell lies?
How many people are not willing to twist the truth to glorify themself?

It is true that not always a lie was intended, but was more a slip of the tongue. But then also many of us just might miss the mark. We often time lie and don’t realize we have. Maybe even know that we have lied and failed to repent. But we must get out of the habit of lying, and stop making excuses for ourselves.

Every lie is a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood. A lie can be something intended or serving to convey a false impression; imposture, but we should know there is no such thing as a little white lie. In Allah’s Word it is made clear that to mislead by a false appearance or statement or to delude is not only bringing yourself in falsehood, misleading yourself, the other but thinking you can hide your unjust you for God.

By to mislead or falsely persuade others, you practice deceit, but at the same time you show your weakness and inability to live according to the Will of God.

We should know that we can not escape this world, but having to live in it does not have to mean we have to become ‘like it’. It might well be we are living now in a time were perversity may be the game and were telling lies may be fashion, but we should stand aside of that all. We should pride ourself on the level of decency or integrity, with the knowledge Who we want to have as our Master. We see a lot of lawlessness in this world, but that is no wonder, because at the moment the satan (the opposer of Allah) is master of the world. We ourself should be very prudent with how we want to go with this world and how much we want to love it and all things in it.  (Think also about 2 Thessalonians 2:9 + 1 John 2:15)

Are you preferring to follow the false teachers, false prophets, misleading politicians?

Are we or are you willing under the direction of the world-leaders or do we/you prefer to be under the Guidance of the Most High?

Are you willing to open your ears and eyes to recognise which politician is telling the truth, is twisting the truth, or who is just telling a lot of lies?

And what is your position in the way of life in this era?

Let us remember that our character is all we have. How do you want to be known by others? How do you want to be written down in the Book of life and death?

Don’t be remembered as a liar, or stand the chance of rejection from God.



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