Lots of people are willing to gather lots of things in their life. But when they grow up their thought process is like,

do I really need this?

Instead of doing this should I not be doing that?

When we are living on this earth, what is our purpose? Is there a certain reason to be here and to do certain things? Why do we have to do certain things.

There are lots of people who don’t care about the things which might interest me or you. Today for a lot of people money is everything. They are glued to all those material things which we can find around us. I really don’t think it should be that way. There must be more to life, is it not?

In a way we are living in such an exciting world, but many of the inhabitants of this world do not see it. They look for things they think are precious, but it are often just some gems, gadgets that have not much value in the future. In that world where everything seems to evolve so quickly we always have to start anew and have to learn, earn and reproduce, later to die. And is that the purpose of life, or is there more?

Are we not missing something between life and death?

There are so many religions and everyone is so confident that theirs is the true one, but which one is the right one or a good religion?


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