Geboortehuis maison natale Lode Zielens Pompst...
Geboortehuis maison natale Lode Zielens Pompstraat Anvers Antwerpen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In 1932 there appeared a book by the Belgian social novelist and journalist Lode Zielens that we devoured as a young person with eager eyes. When we could come to see the black and white film of his realistic social novel “Moeder waarom leven wij?” (“Mother why do we live?”) in the 60s saw we were glued to the screen. (The 1993 version for the television channel VTM, I have never seen.)

What was described by Marnix Gijsen as

“The first great book of the new generation”

gave us a realistic picture of the social upheavals of the metropolis Antwerp through the eyes of the little guy.

The issues raised in the film were aspects we not only can find in poor working class neighbourhoods, such as the Seefhoek. Even today, people are sometimes severely shaken that they question why they live.

English: Flag used by the now-defunct politica...
Flag used by the now-defunct political party Vlaams Blok in Belgium. Seen;, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is also striking that certain political parties managed to emerge in certain neighbourhoods or to be large. Seefhoek neighbourhood, where once Vincent van Gogh, Willy Vandersteen, Jef Cassiers, Matthias Schoenaerts en Rik Coppens lived, was as known for example in Flanders when it was made clear in the television program Panorama in 1988 how the emergence of Flemish nationalist political merger of De Vlaams Nationale Partij (the Flemish National Party) and the radical wing of the Vlaamse Volkspartij or Flemish People‘s Party to Vlaams Blok, [later to become Vlaams Belang (Flemish interest)] was made possible by the conditions there. The report mainly caused commotion by the language which defined migrants  “bananenfreters”, “tree climbers”, etc. A piece of the report can be seen on YouTube.

Today we have returned to a politically unstable future where we in some countries, such as Britain, France, Austria and the United States of America, see similar situations as those from the 1930s and people standing up like the dangerous figure of the Führer.

In these turbulent times many people come up with more questions. Therefore this blog where I want to go looking for those essential questions and answers.

We may be or have been born and placed here on earth, but why and by whom. Who or what is behind all this and what good has our pitiful existence?

So if you have some answers, do not mind letting it know. Are you also sitting with that question

Why do we live?

let us go together looking for some answers.


Preceding the Dutch version: Een eerste vraag: Waarom leven wij?


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